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Introducing the all-new CNC

The Spannr machines are made of sturdy acrylic and high quality aluminium. Spannr provides full control using web application, which enables you to print your Gcode files remotely on various materials ranging from wood to PCB.

Heavy Metal And Acrylic Made Sturdy Body

In order to engraving more precisely,Spannr CNC is built of aluminum alloy and PMMA to make a better industry grade machine. It makes the machine durable, faster and precise.

Powerful Stepper motor

The machine use High quality two-phase 4-wire 1.8° Hybrid stepping motors for movement of spindle in 3 Axes.

Easy to use Software

Spannr comes with the subscription of funstore platform. Using funstore you can deploy your design files wireless to Spannr. It based on cloud and works completely wireless.

Make Prototypes

Whatever materials you need to work in, whatever CAD program you use, the Spannr can do it.

Make PCBs

The Spannr has the precision to do PCB milling with ease, even with SMT components.

Wood is No Problem

Any kind of wood is suitable for the Spannr, from pine to maple, oak, or the even more exotic species.

Plastic is Easy

Spannr works really well on Plastic materials, it comfortably works on following materials –

  • ABS
  • Acrylic
  • Delrin
  • HDPE

Powerful Laser Cutting

Spannr comes with powerful 500 mW laser. It provides more precision than other low power laser modules. It can be used for the cutting of paper, light wood, sponge paper, felt, fabric and sticker. You can use it to engrave your favorite design on various materials.

Who’s it For?

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Educators
  • Industrial Designers
  • Woodworkers
  • Manufacturers of customized products
  • Crafters
  • Hobbyists

Is it for you? Ask us! There’s nothing we enjoy more than talking about CNC machines. We’d love to talk to you about your application.

Everything is Included

The Spannr is ready to go the first time you power it on.
It includes:

  • Spannr Machine
  • Funstore Platform Subscription
  • High Speed Spindle
  • Powerful 2500 mW Laser
  • User manual
  • Wireless cloud control Mechanism
  • Power Cables
  • Usb Cables

The only thing you need is a Mac, Linux or Windows computer.

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Free subscription to funstore software

A simple learning software to learn, build and share hardware and CNC projects; quickly and easily

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