Spannr DIY CNC

Attractive and Stylish

Inheriting the concept of high-end process design.The Spannr DIY CNC always meets demands and adopts an appropriate industrial design based on different materials and high speed engraving in different situation.

Black Technology CNC Processing Molding

In order to engraving more precisely,Spannr CNC is built of aluminum alloy and PMMA to make a better industry grade machine. It makes the machine durable, faster and precise.

ER 11 Spindle

775 ER11 motor High speed Large torque DC motor delivers more rpm than other DC motors. The motor provides high precision while engraving.

Amazing GRBL Controller

GRBL Controller works seamlessly while computer control and able to control 3 Heavy duty Stepper motors, 1 Laser spindle and one motor spindle simultaneously. The controller communicate over serial port using USB cable.

Designed for Education

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